269 - I've Gone Off The Deep End

That's what the scale said this morning. Granted, I had my pajamas on, but it's reflective of the last few months for me. Not long ago it was 262.

I've gone off the deep end.

New job has me sitting on my butt for the entire day, and though it would seem I'd have energy after sitting all day - I'm EXHAUSTED.

Even on the weekends.

I didn't want to work full-time, but here I am.

It sucks. I drink almost every day (a glass of wine, a beer, etc.).

I need to take charge of things. Mornings I'm so optimistic, but by evening I'm spent mentally and physically and I don't care.

I hate this. I hate being where I am with my weight. My gym membership sits unused.


Back in the saddle. Back, I say!!