Weigh In: 282 (No Change)

Today's weigh in wasn't a big surprise.  I knew that along with it being Hump Day, it was also right around the time I expected my Monthly Friend.  And WAZAAAAM!  there it is.  I'm trying to take things in stride and not freak out about no loss this week.  Keep on, keeping on.

I've been doing pretty good with everything, staying on plan.  Some days it's harder than others.  Some days I'm really not hungry at all, and others (like yesterday), I was famished.  But it's nothing like the ongoing crazy grazing, endless pot when I'm eating carbs and sweets.  Nothing like that.

As much as I really don't like low-carb, and would love to stick to just eat what I want under a certain amount of calories - I think it's what my body needs.  Maybe in a maintenance phase (like that will ever happen, my who life is attaining, not maintaining, lol), but I think I have to be a 90% low-carb/higher-fat kind of person.

I do allow myself Atkins shakes.  I do allow myself some beer here and there.  But I've been pretty good at not having sweets, even chocolate.  I won't say it's easy.

The past couple weeks at work have been horrific.  Monday I came home determined to finish off the couple of wine bottles I had left - totally didn't care.  It was horrible.  You know when you get super angry at someone and you're shaking afterwards?  That's how I feel sometimes when I get done with work.  I want to run out of there so fast.

I'm getting better at leaving work at work, though.

I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I'm "learning" through this whole experience with this job.

Basically I feel like I've learned how to hold on to small things and limp through life.  Not so great.  But I also know if I ever said, ENOUGH and quit, I'd have my husband's understanding and support.  So, we'll see.  I don't plan on quitting, but I'm holding on for my new manager to be hired, and hoping that this could still turn out to be a Dream Job for me.

You never know.

In other news - I did my first 5K!  It was fun.  I walked it.  But I DID it.  Something different.  I can't say I'm addicted or anything, or that this is the start of me doing more and more.  They're expensive and I still can't entirely get over paying to walk a course.  But it was something I wanted to do, and never seemed to be able to get myself to just DO.

I haven't been walking or doing much of any exercise, though I've been quite active.  My fitbit charger is lost somewhere in the house, so I've been without that all week, which sucks a bit.

Well, off to work.  Happy Hump Day!

Weigh In: 282

I'm going to put this weight down (which would mean a 1# loss), but I am suspicious.

See, I was actually UP in weight at the beginning of the week.  I had been naughty.  I just was.  Between going a little off track, and stress, I just figured I had to face facts.

I stepped on the scale Tuesday and it said, "Lo."

Batteries.  I need batteries.

But there was no time to mess with them.  I tried stepping on it 3 times, and it still balked at me, Lo.  Wednesday morning I tried again, hoping someone else took care of the scale's battery issue, but still, Lo.  I had an early morning appointment to get to, so I left it alone.  I also knew I was going out with the girls that night, and really didn't want to weigh in after that.  But whatever - such is life.

So today I tried to find batteries and we're completely out.  But I tried again.  And it did it's little search-y thing where the zeros dance in a circle for a bit before it displays 0.o.  OK?  I stepped on.  Maybe someone DID take care of the battery thing - finally.


Not really believing it, I stepped off and touched it with my toe again.  Lo.  I tried a couple more times (I like to weigh myself more than once in case it's a fluke).  Lo.  So, I'm just going to take it.  To trust.  To not get too wound up about the number, and just hope it sticks.

I'm battling a cold.  Never fun.  I'm sure the stress of my job situation doesn't help.  It's absolutely beautiful out today, though.  If things weren't turned upside down at work I might consider staying home, actually.  I hardly ever take a sick day.  I told myself I'd go in today and if I felt lousy, or if it became too nuts - I'd come home.  I have to remember my whole, "Take Care of Myself" mantra.  It's real.  And I feel cruddy, lol.

Weigh In: 283 (Down 1 More)

It's only a pound, but that's OK.

I'd like to say that I'd be out of the 80's by the end of May, but it is doubtful.  It would be WONDERFUL - but, given that things are a bit up-ended, I should (technically) be satisfied if I can hang on to 283 and not balloon up to 383.

Another unfortunate turn of events - my bossy-boss/manager took all of his stuff (including the mini-fridge, microwave, coffee maker).  This is not a good thing.  All of those items were "community items" shared by our small department - and used nearly daily by ME.  But they were also in his space.  I have very little space to put such items, but I'm going to.  I NEED to, if I'm going to keep on track with how I've been going.  There are other microwaves in our building, but sometimes the harder it is to manage something, the less likely it is that it will happen.

I need to plan for me, take care of me, and not be worried or ashamed of doing it.

Stress Is Not Good For The Eats

I haven't done THAT bad, really.

But, there is room for improvement.

My immediate manager was fired.  Sometimes that can be a good thing.  I won't know if it is good or bad, until I can look back on things, but it definitely creates a ripple in life.  We work very closely together to oversee a department, and though I'm not his "equal" I've always been treated as one; we were a team.

So, it's a bit scary.  The Unknown.  The Transition.  The Temporary Manager.  My interim manager is someone who transferred out of our department.  Many strengths,  and a disaster left behind.

Needless to say, it's been an interesting week.  I don't think I did stellar in the staying-on-track (with eating) department - BUT - I did stellar in the don't-quit-your-job department.  I'm hanging in there.  I'm trying to dig out whatever positives I can find (even if they aren't immediate).

I drank more beer than is permissible on a low carb diet (just one day, though), and I might pay for it on the scale tomorrow. However!  I had a highly active weekend, and a very enjoyable Mother's Day.

And I'm back at it (or was back at it) Monday.  A bit painful, but I managed to stay the course.  That's what it's all about, staying the course.

Stress can throw you off, though.  I'm definitely more tired.  I feel completely draggy, which I didn't feel last week.  I'd like that energy back, thankyouverymuch.

Weigh In: 284 (Down 3 pounds)


Guarded excitement. SUPER happy to see vindication on the scale, but nervous.  The next few weeks should be telling.  I have fluctuated here, too (down to 284), while not really watching what I'm eating.  But it's definitely my carrot on a stick.  I needed to see some scale movement.  I really do feel it a bit in my clothes, but a lot of that is probably bloat.

I think my first BIG milestone (though it's not huge), will be to dip below 280.  I'd love to see that happen by the end of May.  I'm not holding my breath, as this went rather slow.  But we shall see.

I'm still eating lower carb/higher fat.

Less than 100g carbs (around 60ish with fiber removed)
Less than 150g fat
About 100g protein
Around 2000 calories

That's about where I fall in, give or take a little.  I still had 3 Guinness this weekend, ate a few bites of pizza.  Maybe that's what slows me down a bit, I don't know.  I want something sustainable, not short term.

At any rate, that's the scoop - now I'm off to work.

Happy Wednesday.