About BG

There isn't a whole lot to say, but I will tell you one thing that might help you if you read my blog: I rarely proofread. I write, I re-read it (somewhat), and I publish. If I didn't, and if I got all caught up in my spelling, grammer, sentence structure and flow of thoughts - nothing would hit the published stage, and there would be no blog.

I am a beautiful, fat girl. Bonita Gordita. Maybe you are, too.


How I'm Getting Fit Prayer - focusing on Jesus and what he can do in my life. Have done WW, low carb in the past. Right now I'm calorie-counting, watching carbs and fat, trying to eat-for-health, and all that good stuff. Basically tackling my inappropriate, scandalous relationship with food. I am also reading through the Bible using The Daily Walk Bible KJV. Feeding my soul and body.


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