I Wish I Were Addicted To Heroin

I wish I were addicted to heroin.

Food addiction is the WORST.

I quit cigarettes cold turkey.
But none is none.  I just don't smoke any more.

I have to eat every single day.
Every evening when I get home from work the agony sets in.
What am I going to pack for lunch tomorrow?

I would rather never eat.
I have to eat, or I die.

I can live without heroin, crack, coke, meth, weed, liquor, Xanax.

I can't live without food.

Tell a drug addict that they have to responsibly use their drug of choice.  A little a day, but DO NOT go overboard.

Good luck.  See you in the morgue.

Nobody will ever get this.  Nobody.
There's a different between being fat, and having a physical/mental addiction to food.

I don't have cases of Mountain Dew or Ho-Hos, or anything else to omit.
I eat healthy.
I choose wisely.

The older I get the harder it is to lose.
And so I stay the same because I can't just quit my job and focus on myself.

Daily I struggle.  Daily.  Minute.  Hours.

I hate it.