Working Out Is Time Consuming

For the last couple weeks I've been working out at home. This isn't something "new" but it isn't the same old workout. I have Supreme 90 Day System workout and have finally cracked into it. I've only been doing it for a couple weeks, and only a couple times a week. The other days I do my regular walking (although I've been adding more hills into my walk to burn more calories). It hasn't added up to much on the scale, but we all know THE SCALE ISN'T EVERYTHING.

As I said in my last post, I'm trying to change things. My outlook on life, my core being. I haven't been journaling food. It is time-consuming and I'm just not there yet. But I have been journaling my JOYs, paying attention to the world around me and soaking in the moments that are GOOD. You can't really measure that on a scale. But, if I had to, I'd say it has stopped the freight train of weight gain that I was riding on, twirling my licorice rope above my head saying, yipee.

On my way to 300, I brought the train to a screeching halt, and have turned it around. My last weigh-in was 289. It isn't a whole lot, but it is way better than 299. With just a few weeks of pushing my body in ways that I don't normally push it, I feel stronger. Yesterday I walked up the hill and hardly noticed it. I was busy switching the song on my ipod and smiling at my dog, and huffed right up the hill. It was great.

I just got done with a cardio workout. As I finished, I noted that working out is time consuming. It. Takes. Up. Time. I should be shopping. I should be balancing a checkbook. I should be doing a lot of things. But, it is important to me today to carve out some time to sweat (gosh, I love a good, sweaty workout), challenge my body. But it has taken me an hour of getting ready, doing the workout, cooling down, showering. I have to fit it in on my day off. Small step to prioritize my fitness/health on my day off. But, it really does pay off in other ways.