365 Days of Exercise - Day 15

Had to force my walk today.

It is amazing how much you can fall into a routine, when you do it daily. The majority of this month I've walked with my husband, my walking partner. After our late family dinners, we'd set off for a 9:00 or even 10:00 walk (sometimes later), in the dark, along quiet streets. We'd talk.

Digression, here, but generally I won't exercise at night; it keeps me up. However, our walks don't keep me up too terribly, but what they seem to do is curtail my indigestion.

With the husband working more hours, he has not been home lately for the nightly walks, which throws me off, even if it has been a routine only as of late.

With the heat, I don't enjoy or partake in a hot, steamy mid-day walk under the sun. And with the affliction of not being a morning person, I'm not an early-rising exerciser, either. I suppose I could haul over to the gym, seeing as I am paying for a membership and all, but time has not really permitted that either.

So last night, I really felt I needed to actually walk my 20 minutes and not resort to a 10 minute one. I waited until after 8pm, when the sun was going down, the bugs were vicious. And I set off on our path. With my husband on the phone. Which was actually nice. We were still able to "talk and walk" together, some of the way. I kept a good, healthy clip and felt better about getting out and pounding the pavement.

I don't think I will have lost any weight this week, however, but this first month I'm really just concentrating on the motion/movement/discipline part of intentional body-movement each and every day. Slow and steady.

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