365 Days of Exercise - Days 17-23

I knew I should have popped in here and logged my walks. Happy to say, though, that I have kept up. Even though I've been on vacation, I got in my daily walks, for the most part 20 minute ones. I think I only used up 1 10min walk during my blogging-absence. One night, after cocktails and munchies with friends, at 12am, I still fit in my walk. At my son's sports game - while I waited, I walked.

It is starting to be ingrained into my brain. Twenty-four days in, I would hope so.

I've also kept up on my daily Bible readings. It is a day-by day effort and right now I'm just trying to manage the bare minimums. Walking, reading.

I haven't thrown in anything about my eating. It has not been on task, either. In fact, in weighing myself today I hit over 300. No big surprise, since my pants all feel tight and I feel like a bloated calf. It is a little disturbing to me, though. Increasing my movement, while eating in the same manner as normal, actually made me GAIN WEIGHT.

It makes no sense.

I'm quite accustomed to my body making absolutely no sense at all. Seriously, I am. According to the doctor, I quite possibly also have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome--or not. Maybe I'm just a chunky-butt who has a hard time losing weight, and in aging has even a harder time?

Either way, I'm almost at the end of August and I really don't intend on finishing it out fatter than I started, while walking my butt off EVERY FREAKING DAY OF THE MONTH. If you can hear my frustration, it is because it is tangible.

Sometimes I feel like someone has a boot on my back, while I'm lying face-down in the dirt.


Anonymous said...

Despite whatever negative feelings you might have about the progress of your program so fall, keep this in mind, the race is not always won by the fastest or the strongest, but to the one who persist and perseveres despite the conditions.

Bonita Gordita said...

Good words to chew on, Anonymous. Thank you.