Calories In A Chinese Buffet

I really don't know how to count how many calories are in a Chinese buffet. I'm counting it as 1200. All I do know they seriously are NOT worth it. My kids like to go there, and I'm not going to be a sourpuss that goes to the buffet and eats nothing.

But seriously? I think everything is doused in movie theatre butter and canola oil, laid under the hot sun for 45 minutes, shelved for 8 hours, then reheated in a wok, let out to cool enough to put a skin on the top, and put out for grazing. Poopy pants at table one?

Just not that into the buffet anymore. Sorry. I used to like it, even though it was like a Valium to me, putting me to sleep about 1/2 hour after eating it. But now, it's just straight up gastro-torture.

I have to say, I did better today. Sampled, but gorged on nothing. Skipped dessert, and my favorite -- peanut butter chicken (which, I think is rolled in sugar first, fried, dipped in sugar, peanut buttered, thrown in more sugar, doused with high-fructose peanut butter glaze, and put out to offer).

'Skipped the sugared doughnut and ice cream (another favorite). It's improvement. Totally not eating would be unrealistic (even though I literally feel like I drank a cup of movie theatre butter). So I ate, was conscious of what I put in my mouth, and there it is. I'm not going to dwell on it much more. But I am going to wash it down with a couple glasses of wine so I can forget about the nagging urge to puke. Never said I was normal.

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