Not A Stellar Day

Yeah, so today was kind of a reckless day for me. Not a bad day in a whole, but I'm guessing I didn't make any strides in the right direction.

I'ma put it to you straight, momma: I'm on my period. So I literally, like, literally, might need to have PDOs once a month.

Period Day Off.

Because I just have to go wild one day, it seems, or I end up either raging on the world, or crying in the fetal position in line at Target. Neither is really good.

For lunch I went to the Indian buffet and for dinner I ended up chowing down on take-out Chinese.

Neither dinner came from a box that said Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine or anything, so as you can imagine, they were filled with fat and calories. It was way more laziness and less craving, really. And I allowed myself that. No excuses tomorrow, though, I gotta be a really (really) good girl if I want to make my goal.

I did not gorge, though, at either meal, which is still a shift to a better way of being. I would have taken a walk if I weren't busy shopping and feeling like I was walking around with lead in my butt.

OH. But I did get a pedicure. And if it weren't for that lead feeling, I'd take a picture and show you how cute my toes are. Trust me, they're cute. And it was a good pedicure. Splurged an extra 5 bucks for the leg massage, foot massage and extra pampering. Worth it, totally. Although I had some stubble on my leg, so the dude who gave me the pedicure had to cut his hands while he massaged my calves.

All in a days work.

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...three sixty-three no more... said...

I find during my PMS time that I want sweet and salt. It's crazy. My emotions are all over the map. My therapist gave me some great things to do to help me through that.

Thanks for being so real.