Cocktails and Conversation

First and foremost: my dog stinks. He's sitting right next to me, wondrous companion that he is, and reeks of doggie stench. Love him anyway.

Speaking of doggie, he's great. Haven't had him for too long, a couple months, really. But it is so nice to have someone to walk with. He's not big, so I couldn't take him for much more of a walk than I do (3 miles maybe 4 tops). A guard dog he is not, but a joyful tag-along he is.

Yesterday we went out for drinks and chatting with a couple of friends. Prior to cocktails and conversation I hauled donkey on a 40-minute walk, purposely hitting a few hills and keeping the momentum at a nice clip. All this so that I didn't have to worry too much about what I ate, knowing I'd have to burn some calories just to make up for it.

Sitting on my barstool, I enjoyed the looseness of the cotton shirt I was wearing. Last year it was snug on my hips, this year it hangs loosely. Must make note of these things and continually remind myself how much better it feels to be comfortable in my skin.

I ended up having a couple of drinks and splitting an appetizer with my husband (mini burgers and a scotch egg). Not so bad, could have been worse. Can't make it a nightly event, but for something special it was nice.

Today I'm back on track, and making sure to journal my intake. I'm wearing a pair of shorts that didn't fit me last year. They're still a little snugger than I'd like. I intend to change that.

Have a great day.


Nona said...

Sounds like you are doing very well to me. Social eating is very hard and you did well to split the appetizer. I do that with my husband as well. A great strategy.

Bonita Gordita said...

Girl, I can't say "no" to everything, you know? I have to be able to say "yes" within reason, or it might be my downfall.