Going Into The Battle

OK, it's just Thanksgiving, I mean... what could go wrong?

I could consume 5000 calories, setting myself back about a week. That's what.

Or I could drive myself mad trying to count every calorie.

I'm happily cooking away, excited to feed family yummy food.

My strategy for tomorrow is to enjoy - in moderation. That seems like a fair enough deal to me. Taste, savor, but not have a free for all. The calories count, they will have to be made up for. But complete denial would make me unhappy, and an aim for the happy medium is my sweet spot.

I'm looking forward to cooking, mostly.

What's your Thanksgiving Day strategy? 


Lori said...

Mine is similar to yours. I'll concentrate on the proteins to fill me up and then have a few very special indulgences.

My problem will be staying out of the leftovers on Friday. I have a plan to take empty containers to the gathering and have everyone take some home with them so there won't be any left for me.

Bonita Gordita said...

Lori, that's a GREAT point.
Friday may possibly be harder than Thursday if there are yummies still hanging around. I hope I don't have too many left, but I know I will have some.

Elenamary said...

god i wish i'd had a plan last night. i failed... i may have consumed more calories last night then i've in a week.

Bonita Gordita said...

Elenamary, I did, too. I mean, I guess I didn't "fail" since I didn't have a goal. But I didn't do well if I compare it to every other day. :/