Non Scale Victories Are The Bomb

It's the weekend. I'm relieved to not be working. It has been a rough week. Always busy at work this time of year.

While I was at work I got a call for an interview, by the way. I was SO happy. I felt a little like I was whispering to my secret lover or something, but I was so happy to get an interview. I don't interview well at all, but just to get my foot in the door.

But that's not why I'm writing. I'm writing because of something that happened twice now, and they were non-scale victories. I don't have many scale victories right now (unless you count staying within 5 pounds is a good thing). Actually I'll take it.

But I'm in a size 24 pants? I guess? I was 26/28 a year ago. I would be excited, but I'm honestly thinking that sizes are more generous. I can't believe that. I feel more bloated in my belly. Here's the digs, though:

  • I went to Goodwill (my resource for shopping since I'm changing sizes), and tried on size 24 and they fit. Size 26 was too big. It was weird.

  • I went to the store today and couldn't remember what size I was. They only went up to 24. I grabbed them and took them to the room. They were those skinny jeans that taper all the way down the leg. They FIT. They were actually loose in the leg. I'm an apple, so I'm big in the middle and skinny on the legs. I chose 2 pairs to take with me.

  • My pajama pants keep slipping off me. One pair I can't keep on, but another slipped off last night. Crazy?

Last year this time, that scenario would have ended with me unable to fit in those pants, sulking, picking up a Snickers, and jetting out of the store. If, at this time next year, I can be down another 40 pounds, I will be THRILLED.

I have to start being so hard on myself, and start focusing on what I've done, how far I've come, and what that means for the potential to go even farther.

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Lori said...

There is nothing as rewarding to me as when my clothes get too big. I shop thrift and consignment all the time now.