Day 2 - 287

I'm writing these as my day goes along.  So today my weight was 287.

This morning I added an avocado and some frozen blueberries to my smoothie.  That definitely upped the calorie intake right off the bat, but that's OK.  If I had a normal metabolism and didn't deal with hypoglycemia I might not have done that, and tried the traditional way of doing the diet.  If I did that, though, I would have to have nobody around me and 1000 movies to watch, and to never get off the couch, saving my energy.

That's not my life.  I went outside to weed and work in the garden and need to get some stuff done around the house, run to the store.  No way could I do it today - I don't think - on the shakes and soup.  But maybe.  I guess we'll never know.

So I had my shake+avocado+blueberries, and then an hour later I had some soup.  I've already got my 6 glasses of water in, and I feel like I can get out and do my things without getting ravished or having to take a shake on ice with me.  I probably will have to use the bathroom though.


Well, I made a mistake on thinking I had enough in me to run errands.  By the second store I was ready to eat the car seat.  My stomach was growling.

I drank water.

I felt kind of woozy, but hadn't made it to the grocery store that I planned on going to in the first place.  I knew the store usually had samples, and though I am trying really hard to stay the course, I also don't want to pass out while running errands with my kid.

We got the the store, and I picked a strawberry, blueberry, about 1 oz. of cheese (all samples).  That really did the trick for me.  I was able to finish up shopping without feeling so horrible.

NOTE:  A small amount of something can satisfy true hunger.  Not cravings, that's different.  But true hunger.  The past two days I've had samples at stores, small amounts.  Both times it held me through.  I think part of that is my determination to stop the course of this shipwreck I've been steering, but part of it is just the plain old truth.  Also, having the water bottle with me helped shut down my growling tummy, too.

I did have some bacon today, but I needed it.  I can't run on this soup and veggies or whatever else the actual diet says.  I need my fats.  I feel like I need some more carbs, but honestly --for me-- I do better with the lower carb, higher fat.

On to Day 3, my last day.  Technically.  I don't know if I will continue with the soup or not.  I have enough shakes and soup to stretch to a Day 4, but I find my energy is pretty low and I need to get some things done.  We'll see.

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Lori said...

Good for you for recognizing true hunger and taking care of it without over doing it.