I Wish I Were Addicted To Heroin

I wish I were addicted to heroin.

Food addiction is the WORST.

I quit cigarettes cold turkey.
But none is none.  I just don't smoke any more.

I have to eat every single day.
Every evening when I get home from work the agony sets in.
What am I going to pack for lunch tomorrow?

I would rather never eat.
I have to eat, or I die.

I can live without heroin, crack, coke, meth, weed, liquor, Xanax.

I can't live without food.

Tell a drug addict that they have to responsibly use their drug of choice.  A little a day, but DO NOT go overboard.

Good luck.  See you in the morgue.

Nobody will ever get this.  Nobody.
There's a different between being fat, and having a physical/mental addiction to food.

I don't have cases of Mountain Dew or Ho-Hos, or anything else to omit.
I eat healthy.
I choose wisely.

The older I get the harder it is to lose.
And so I stay the same because I can't just quit my job and focus on myself.

Daily I struggle.  Daily.  Minute.  Hours.

I hate it.

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Lori said...

I haven't wished to be addicted to something besides food, but I have certainly had the thought that it easier to give up something completely because you can't give up food. I'm in the same boat as far as sugary colas, twinkies and the like. I just don't have them in the house and hardly ever want that stuff. I've even given up diet colas. I'm cutting out all sweeteners except natural ones, like honey.

Eventually, we'll both find the right plan that works for us. We just can't quit.