365 Days of Exercise - Day 11

Is it really Day 11 right now?!! Wow. I guess so.

Today I took the kids to their sports practice and while I was there I walked between the fields, back and forth. Just one 5-minute jaunt had me roasting and my back was dripping with sweat.

You don't know how BAD I wanted to count that as my 10min. of exercise and call it a day. Like, really, SO bad.

Tonight around 9pm, though, I took myself out, figuring I'd do half the route I normally walk, which would take me 10minutes and then I could add the 10 from earlier and the 10 from my half-walk and I'd have 20. Are you following me?

Miracles happen, and not only did I walk my 10 half-walk, but my husband joined me and we were so deep into conversation that we finished the 20 as well. So, I did about 30 minutes (more, really!!!) today. Go me. Reach for the stars, baby.


Better Bodies in Training said...

I just read you entry. As hard as it is for some to get up the nerve to exercise not just one day, but consistently, you need to be applauded for all that you are striving for.

Bonita Gordita said...

Thank you Better Bodies, I appreciate that.