Weighing Everything, Including Myself

I don't trust the scale. I weigh in on 2 different scales. Maybe it is a mind game I play with myself, or maybe it is because one of my scales is too inconsistent for me. So the scale I've been weighing in on for months says I'm down to 291. I like it... but it makes me nervous. Because the other scale reads in 2 pounds heavier. I have to get over it and just use one and forget the other.

Get over it. Get over it. I digress and obsess, though. But need to remind myself that I'm looking at a way too narrow picture. Pound-by-pound weight loss is such a narrow view. When I get hung up on it I begin to sabotage myself.

So instead I'll focus on the BIGGER picture: last week I journaled every food that went into my mouth. Monday through Friday I stayed within my limits, Saturday I broke even and Sunday I went over. But I didn't lie to myself about what I was eating and I was much more thoughtful on what I put into my mouth, why and when.

It wasn't easy, either. There were times when I'd be disappointed with having to see how many calories I had left. But I need to know these things. I've tracked points and carbs before, which was helpful. But tracking calories along with that paints a different picture. It's harder than carbs and points, I think, but it gives a broader scope.

So I'm going to continue tracking this week as well. It is going to be a challenge because I have 3 social-eating events coming up (St. Patty's Day, Book Club, and a night out with friends on Saturday). I'll want to have wine, I'll want to have snacks... and I'll have to remember everything I put in my mouth. I'm hoping that being really good on the other days, diligently getting out for a walk, etc. will enable me to still lose weight, or at least maintain. I'm going to try not to sweat it too much, but I'm also going to try to remind myself to be thoughtful of my eating.

Another "lesson" I'm learning - WEIGH EVERYTHING. I had some Annie Chun's yesterday--yummy, easy Asian meals-- and eyeballed the allotted 1/3 of a box (the serving size). I think I even low-balled it, really, since I made 2 boxes and fed 4 of us last night, but still have at least an entire box left. So this morning I went to have some of the leftovers for lunch but this time I decided to weigh out the actual 77g of noodles.

What a difference weighing makes.

The 77g of noodles in my bowl was nearly nothing. By weighing the amount, I realized that I would really like/need 1.5 servings. I'll have to track that as such. I know this is no new news to most people, and not even myself. It was a good reminder.

Have a great day!!!

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