I'm Still Alive (And Now I'm On Metformin)

I know I dropped off for a few days. I hate it when people do that, but I do it myself.

Between the last time I wrote, I was put on Metformin, went on vacation, and am home again. This is kind of cryptic, but I want to document some of this.

I've been on a journey since September to do better with my health. It's taken me quite a few phone and email conversations with my doctor to squeeze out an Endocrinologist referral. Once she did, I heard nothing. A month later led me to call (10 days ago) to see what was up. My primary never followed-through properly with the referral, and it was stuck in limbo. They got me settled and I have an appointment in JUNE.

Nice. So, here I wait.

My doctor offered Metformin, even though my numbers are "decent, on the high side of normal." So I'm trying it, though there are conflicting viewpoints regarding the drug for people who get hypoglycemic.

The Metformin is to help control my blood sugar and for PCOS. The difficulty is that I am more hypoglycemic than having the high readings. I have been for as long as I can remember. So, I don't know if it will help me with that.

I found, while I was on vacation and had been taking it for a few days, that I was having more episodes of feeling weak, shaky, confused, miserable. My readings were all within normal limits though (80s, sometimes 70-something). So possibly I am sensitive to being low.

After being on the 500ER dosage, I was to go up to 1000, which I did for two days, and then got my period, felt HORRID, and went back to 500 instead. I honestly couldn't tell what was making me feel worse, my "hypoglycemia" or my period.

Hormones can wreak havoc, too.

I didn't feel so great prior to the medicine, and don't feel any better now. I'm trying to give it a bit of time, since (as my husband said), I am sensitive to every medicine I take. The first few days I felt good. The next few, not so good. I didn't have the runs like most, people, I had constipation.

So I'm on about day 10.

Instead of paying attention to my pre-meal readings (I mean, I do, but they're generally 80, give or take a little), I started to take a look at my post-meal readings (which ended up being about the same). Today I decided to look at my reading at 1 hour after eating instead of two, and it was the first time I saw it higher (114).

I crash a lot. I bottom out a lot, but I don't know where I start, or when it starts. I would guess maybe an hour or less after I eat. This will be good to know when talking to the doctor. I would think the Metformin would help it from spiking, and not make the lows feel so low (in time). I hope. I'm tired of feeling crappy and fighting so hard to lose a pound.

We shall see.

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Lori said...

I'm sorry. I hope that you can work out a dosage that helps.