Weigh In (ARGH)


It's not funny, but it kind of is.

I mean, last week I'm writing about my MILESTONE, and then I'm two pounds heavier the next week. I have to admit, I was pretty discouraged when I stepped on the scale on Monday and saw that number. I told myself I had until Wednesday.

I went over the past week and ran reports to try and see where I might have failed.

Literally, none of it.

I compared three months (September - December) of last year when I was dropping pounds, and then these past few months, and the only slight differences I can see are:

1.) Less activity (I didn't work out as much/at all)
2.) Possibly less carb intake

The rest looks pretty much the same, even the calories. The main difference was that I wasn't expending as much caloric energy, and I wasn't eating as many carbs.

September - December: Lost 14 pounds
January - March: Lost 7


I truly do NOT understand my body at all. It frustrates me. I consistently do worse when I intentionally exercise more it seems. OR, when I work out more, I eat more carbs, and it is counter-productive.

Either way, I'm going to try to NOT get all bound up in the concerns that the scale presents. I can't let that deter me. Mentally, I could, but I'm going to beat that down mentally. Here are my thoughts:


So I went on a speil about carbs and how I was going to drop lower on them because it seemed to help. Well, I've spent the last HOUR OF MY LIFE going over graphs and honestly so I've updated/erased that and need to let things sit - I can't find anything. No correlation to anything. I just dropped weight. My graphs don't show anything significant, from what I can see. Not in the fat, carbs, or calories.

I find myself very frustrated. Basically I lose weight, get to a certain point, and BOOM.

We'll see what the next week brings.


Steve Finnell said...

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Lori said...

Oh, friend. I know that frustration all too well. I wish I had the answer, but the only thing I know is to keep doing what you know to be right for your body. Eventually, it will catch up.