Hello Friday

My week is going pretty well. Better, now, that it is Friday and I'm done with work. Yay.

It's been one long week.


My husband has been working long days, and I've been in single mom mode for the majority of the week. I would feel sorry for him, but there are times I feel I have the short end of the stick. I jest. Or do I?

I've done pretty well, worked out twice (cursing under my breath both days - just feeling tired). I've kept my calories tight, too.

I've had eggs for breakfast, a shake for lunch, a snack later, and usually a salad with chicken on it for dinner. Nothing too sexy. I wish I could tell you I now weight 245 pounds, but... yeah, I don't. I'm just hanging in there right now.

But it's weird. I feel bloated. My pants feel tight. It's odd. Who knows. I'm not going to worry about it right now. I need to just get through this week right here and relax.

I made a trip to Costco and made the the royal mistake of going hungry. Since I bought the kids food, I also picked some up for myself - a Polish dog, hold the bun.

It was decent. But when I went to plug it in to my SparkPeople nutrition thingy - 570 calories.



You can see it here: Costco Nutrition

Dandy. I have 300 calories left for the day and it's barely 5pm.

I might go over today, I'm just saying.

I need to get one more good workout in, though, and maybe a simple walk today. It's been kind of warm and rainy, so I had to do a Walk Away the Pounds on one of my days, rather than hit the gym. Well, it wasn't really the rain. I locked my keys in the car, so I couldn't get to the gym - and my sunglasses were also in the car, so I didn't want to be out on a sunny day walking or biking without them.

Walk Away the Pounds gave me NO excuse not to do anything, so I punished myself with the 3-mile workout.

Have a good weekend, fatties.

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Lori said...

I so hate it when I think I'm making a good choice and even forgoing something I really want and then find out it wasn't such a good choice after all, especially when what I really wanted wasn't as bad. Sorry, girl.