Challenge Day 5: (I did it!)
No soda/artificially sweetened drinks 
None. It was easier than I thought, too. My main focus was soda. My intake had creeped up significantly. One thing (for me) with soda, and with wine, is that I like it to go with something. I don't ever drink a soda alone - but with pizza? Yum! With a cheeseburger? Delicious! On it's own? No thank you. For me, I eat more with the sodas.
 No alcohol 
I made it through last night. It was easier than I actually thought it would be. In the evening I wasn't even hungry, took a late walk (I hadn't gotten my 20 minutes in). I made a steak, thought about how good some wine would taste with it. But that was all. I had water.
At least 20-minutes of walking each day 
I got this in the last minute. I didn't think I would, but at 9:30, I forced myself. My legs are tired, though.
Log all calories eaten 
Yup. I fell below the 2200 calories again though.
Water intake of 8 8-oz. glasses per day 
Yup. Made the mark.

This has been an interesting week with this challenge. It was hard because I never went out to eat, not once. I didn't have a ton of choices to eat, either. But I had way less cravings. I think the alcohol and the soda lead to cravings and over-eating for me. That is maybe a no-brainer to someone else, but I so much enjoy my cocktailes. But if I swap out a glass of wine for a tea with cream, The calories are negligible - BUT, I tend to just drink the tea and cream with nothing else with it. Wine I always eat with.

I do wonder if the alcohol leads to cravings on the next day, too.

At any rate, I may try this again next week, at least at the beginning when I'm home and not on vacation.

I don't have huge plans this weekend, besides dinner out tonight. I was hoping to head to the gym this morning, but I'm really not feeling it. I really am kind of dragging. I'll work it in on Monday or maybe tomorrow. Today I feel like resting or a gentle walk.

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Lori said...

Congratulations on setting a goal and achieving it!