Challenge Day 4

Challenge Day 4:
No soda/artificially sweetened drinks 
Done. Although I've had stevia in my tea and stuff. So maybe I'm a liar. I guess my main objective was the soda, and I've been solid all week.
 No alcohol 
I've been dry all week. Not to say I haven't thought about it. Yesterday I went to let the dog out and the sun was shining, the weather was beautiful, I spied my cozy backyard chair and wanted a gin and tonic in my hand like a heathen. I resisted.
At least 20-minutes of walking each day 
I went for a walk. 30 minutes, I believe. My legs are feeling a little like jelly.
Log all calories eaten 
Again, I was under. About 150 under. I really don't get it. I did pump up my veggie intake something fierce, though yesterday. I pretty much ate a big bowl of broccoli. And I liked it.
Water intake of 8 8-oz. glasses per day 
I killed it yesterday with my water. Well, killed it for me, a dehydrated freak. I think I had more than 9, but once the water splashes over the top of the water tracker, I'm pretty happy.

I'm going to be honest, there's a 50/50 chance that I might break my alcohol fast tonight. I'm going to try not to, and I'm weighing heavier on the "not to" side because I know we're going out to dinner tomorrow and I'm diving headfirst into a vodka martini the moment my fat foot clears the threshold. But tonight I want a backyard fire and a glass of brandy. Wah. Woe is me.

One more day, one more day. I can do it, I can.

Probably. I know I can, it's do I want to? 

I'm pathetic.

We'll see what happens.

I did weigh myself and I lost .4 pounds. Meaning I was 250.6, and now I'm 250.2

I'm not too encouraged. But it's only been 5 days, that I've been calorie-cycling and doing my challenge, and only 2 days since I last weighed myself. I shall have faith and continue, and see what the scale renders me next week.

I'm already contemplating this same challenge next week. My biggest challenge next week is that we have a trip planned and it is REALLY difficult to stay on task when you're vacationing, but even worse to be (trying to) eat low-carb and doing it. OY. 

I hope everyone has a nice Friday. It is gorgeous outside here. The air is off, the windows are open.


Lori said...

Vacationing is the hardest time for me to follow a food plan. I feel like when I am on vacation there should be no rules.

Stevia is a natural sweetener made from a plant, so I think you have been 100% compliant with your goal not to have artificial sweeteners.

You're doing great. Those mental battles are tough but you are tougher.

Bonita Gordita said...

Thanks Lori - you are definitely right about the mental battles!