I Have To Be Intentional

Week Two of July.

Time goes by, and I can't always say "tomorrow." We all know where that gets us. It gets me to looking back thinking, if only I would have kept with it, imagine where I'd be now.

That's where it gets me.

I'm happy to come back to fall in a better place than I was. It's almost been a year since I started making this change. But I'm not happy to let time go by and see things slip back. I have to be intentional. More intentional than I'm being.

This week I'm going to switch things up for myself on my Monday - Friday stretch. With all of the events the past few weeks, and ones to look forward to, I need  "stable" stretch. Here's what I'm challenging myself to this week:

  1. No soda/artificially sweetened drinks 
  2. No alcohol
  3. At least 20-minutes of walking each day
  4. Log all calories eaten
  5. Water intake of 8 8-oz. glasses per day
All of these I've failed to do on a regular basis. I've had a drink nearly every day. I've had sodas almost each day (often to go with my drinks). I've not logged my calories on a three-day stretch for a few weeks. I've done OK with activities, but not as good as I could.

Not to bash myself, because I've hung in there.
I've made good choices food-wise.
I haven't fallen off the wagon.

But the weight has gone up. I feel bulkier than I did a few weeks ago. We've discussed this.

I'm going to try to get back here each day and update on how I've done, keep myself accountable.

Hope everyone has a great week. Is anyone else working on holding a goal/challenge this week?

I am also donig a zig-zag this week as well. I computed out my calories and mine looks like this:

I've been eating around 1700 calories lately (well, I mean, that's what Spark is set for me to eat). I have both of these set for a 252 pound female who exercises 3x per week. I can't imagine eating 1240 calories ("extreme weight loss" from #1) so that's not going to happen. The second calculator allows say more calories, which is interesting. I don't think I'd be able to lose with those calories eaten. So it confuses me more. But I'm going to try it. God be with me.

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Lori said...

Zigzag looks interesting. I've said all along that it is important to mix things up so our bodies don't get used to anything and adapt so that weight loss stalls or stops. I'll be interested in learning how that works for you.