This is the first +pounds in a while.

I could probably put 254 down, but I refuse to. But I did weigh that the other day. I think some of it has to do with a TMI issue that I have off and on. But since we're friends, and since I don't care since all of this weight loss in itself is pretty much TMI... I have IBS-C (Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Constipation), and it's not been a good time lately. Figure the rest out on your own.

It sucks and is frustrating when it comes to weighing myself sometimes.

But I'm not blaming it all on that, either. It's not been a good month, period. I've been neglectful of eating within my calorie ranges. Consistently. I'm doing it to myself.

Yesterday was 4th of July and I (again) drank too much. Tomorrow we have a celebration to go to, and I'm guessing I'll overeat again. Maybe. We'll see. My indulgence is showing up on the scale, and I don't like it. So maybe I'll be able to be reasonable. I hope so. Even if not - the least I could do is stay within range on the days where there isn't something going on.


Elenamary said...

not sure what your TMI issue is, but I have a rule that I am not allowed to weigh myself before and during my period...my weight is always higher then and I am too emotional to ever deal with it logically.

Bonita Gordita said...

That does not help (the period)! I totally know what you mean.