It's Just Isn't The Same

My weekend away was so good.

Really, really good.

But I cheated. I had bites of things I shouldn't have (pancakes, sweet desserts, sweet liquor).
I had some french fries. Like... 25 maybe. I didn't feel too great after that, but maybe it was guilt.

I felt bad, or guilty, but I also felt OK about it. I think I needed a little break.

I've been eating very low carb for a while, now. I feel better, but sometimes I feel frustrated.

The friend we stayed with is a great hostess, and she makes lots of yummy things. One of my favorite parts of visiting her is that I would gorge on sweet desserts, and lovely meals - and fun drinks. I enjoy her company more than I care about any of that, but it was always fun to meet up and try her tasty treats.

I'll admit there was some dissatisfaction there for me. Anyone who tells you very low carb isn't boring doesn't like food the way I do. I understand the whole concept of low carb and staying away from trashy carbs, but if you're a foodie, you're cutting out a plethora of deliciousness on a continual basis.

I don't mean the Pintrest, "Add a can of processed this to a can of chemical that, dump 5 pounds of sugar on it and some sprinkles and YUM." I don't miss that crap. But I miss a good beer. A tasty cocktail. An extravagant pancake made with lemon zest and poppy seeds. Maple syrup. I don't think these things should be entirely cut out of a person's diet (or I don't want to think they have to be) for life.

Regardless, I was relatively good. I was careful. But it did zap some of the fun out of it for me. Watching other people enjoy those things isn't as exciting. However, feeling better is worth not going over the deep end (which I feel like I did not do). I compromised, loosened the reigns a little. The hard part of that is getting back on track, whenever I stray. But I've done OK so far.

I did weigh myself today and I was down a pound. I don't think it is anything I did, rather some of the bloat from my period going away. I really hope that scale says 249 again when I hop on it on Wednesday, but I'm not too terribly hopeful.

Between all this, I've been dealing with my Endocrinologist, which has been frustrating. But I'll save that for another entry.

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