Hi, Bye

Real quick. My dog won't come in and I have to leave for work, but I have a spare couple of minutes.

I forgot to say that I weighed in yesterday:


Whatevs. I'm not sweating it too much, but I'm also kind of freaked that it's been 2 months of being the 252 range and no significant movement.

I do try to remind myself that no loss is also no gain right now. Trying to be positive.


Mrs Swan said...

Ohhh how easy it is for me to tell you that your right no gain is goood. Maintaining currently is goood. But I would be hitting myself in the head if I was doing the same thing. LOL I know that doggie not wanting to come in to well. Of course one of mine I have to watch extra well because he digs and if he gets out he RUNS. Silly beagle!

Bonita Gordita said...

Sometimes I get so focused on the loss that I forget how important it is even to maintain at times. If I could have done that, I wouldn't have lost the SAME 30 pounds three times!