Weigh In: 283

I'm trying to update my weigh ins (and everything on this site, I suppose), but my laptop battery is getting low, so it might have to wait until next time.

Basically I'm back to where I was before my mini-vacation. Not exactly what I wanted, TO RELOSE THE SAME WEIGHT AGAIN, but that's just the way it is.

My biggest happiness of the past week is that I was able to remain under 284 over the weekend.  I did socialize, went to a grill out, had a couple drinks.  But I stuck to my low-carb, didn't eat any bread or anything.  I had a couple bites of a pie, that was my treat.  And one very light beer.  That's it.

All good.

Now, I have some incredibly stressful family crap to wade through, and a job interview next week.

I don't know how I keep my sanity.  I'll be happy if I'm at 282 next week.  One pound.  Just one.

Super quick NSV:  My clothes are feeling a bit better.  I really truly could feel a difference at 290.  I know that I can feel a difference at 275-270 as well.  It's going to be a while, but I'm really going to work to get there and to stay there.  Right now, my goal is just to get to where I was (249).  Maybe even maintain it for quite some time, and then work at getting lower.  But I just want to get there.  I don't want to leave August still in the 280s.

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Lori said...

One pound at a time! You can do it.