Weigh In: 284 (Down 3 pounds)


Guarded excitement. SUPER happy to see vindication on the scale, but nervous.  The next few weeks should be telling.  I have fluctuated here, too (down to 284), while not really watching what I'm eating.  But it's definitely my carrot on a stick.  I needed to see some scale movement.  I really do feel it a bit in my clothes, but a lot of that is probably bloat.

I think my first BIG milestone (though it's not huge), will be to dip below 280.  I'd love to see that happen by the end of May.  I'm not holding my breath, as this went rather slow.  But we shall see.

I'm still eating lower carb/higher fat.

Less than 100g carbs (around 60ish with fiber removed)
Less than 150g fat
About 100g protein
Around 2000 calories

That's about where I fall in, give or take a little.  I still had 3 Guinness this weekend, ate a few bites of pizza.  Maybe that's what slows me down a bit, I don't know.  I want something sustainable, not short term.

At any rate, that's the scoop - now I'm off to work.

Happy Wednesday.

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Lori said...

Sustainability is the key. You have so got this!