Day 1... later

I'm doing OK. Yesterday I walked. Today I was pretty lazy, but then around 5pm I said, "Girl. You gotta go walk. You promised." I was going to go outside to walk, but then instead grabbed a Walk Away the Pounds video. I thought I grabbed the 1-mile one, but mistakenly did the 2-mile. I could feel myself resisting and complaining within 2 minutes of starting the workout.

But I pressured on. I put my hands on my overgrown, falling down over my thighs tummy and pushed on. Those videos are more intensified than a regular walk. And I can do them barefoot. So there's really no excuse for me not exercising.

My eating hasn't been great, but it hasn't been horrible. Instead of candy or some other delectable sweet I opted for a Kashi bar (after some grueling shopping I was in dire need of nourishment). I had an orange for a snack. I'll have dinner tonight. But most importantly -- I worked out. I got up and made a point of moving my body beyond what I normally would.

Today was a good day. Thumbs up.


lisa kay said...

Good job talking yourself into exercising!

BG said...

Thanks Lisa :)