I Didn't Win, But I Didn't Lose

Today was not the greatest day, but it certainly was not the worst day so I neither won nor lost.

I did not go for a walk, but that's OK. As long as I never go more than one day in between days where I exercise, I'm alright. I was conscious of my portions (for dinner I ate 1 plate and had a tiny bit more). I had a very small ice cream cone. I was never deprived or STUFFED today.

NOT being stuffed is one of my goals. Satisfied is good. Stuffed is gluttony and not necessary.


lisa kay said...

Sounds like you had a successful day. Good job!

Mediterranean Diet Blog said...

NOT being stuffed is a great goal, most importantly be consistent!Don't forget:
The energy you eat (food intake) minus the energy you burn (metabolism and activity) equals changes in your body fat! Thumbs up!