Week 2 - 295

OK. So I made it to 295. Not sure how or why, but I did.

My walking? Eh. Maybe hit 3 days last week.
My Eating? It was... It was OK. I was more conscious of what I ate. I ate less, for sure.

I attribute my nice 4-pounds down to being my time of month, weighing more in the beginning of the week and settling back to a "normal" at this weigh-in. And maybe some more conscious eating. We'll see what happens for next week under those same guides. Frankly, I'm surprised, since I felt like a ravenous garbage disposal for most of the week. At one point I had such an intense desire to chew, I was close to removing my flip-flop and chomping on the plastic. It was just crazy intense. That's how I knew, though, that I was about to get my period. Either I fly off the handle mental-patient style OR I fight weird cravings to chew on non-edible objects.

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