I Lost 5 Pounds, And I Think I Like It

Well, the Wii Fit says 5, but it's really 4 since my last weigh in.

I said I "think" I like it because I have a hard time mentally with this kind of stuff. Like, I have 2 scales, so I needed to make 1 official. I chose the Wii Fit because it seems to be more accurate than the shipping scale that needs new batteries. (My shipping scale is about the same, by 2 pounds) But I get weird. Like, I see the scale says I lost weight, but then I worry. I don't want to commit to it, because what if it's wrong, or what if something else..?

It's ridiculous.

I'm weird, and I know this.

So I'm happy on one hand, but then other the other I'm waiting for the shoe to drop, the motivation to leave, the plateau to lock in.

I'm 10 pounds down from when I first started really keeping track. I don't feel much different. My body felt different at the 279, I remember that. I have clothes from that point (the shirts were smaller). But right now I'm still feeling like I fit in my fatty clothes. My belly is a big issue. I haven't been toning or anything, or doing many situps, but my husband says that's my next step. Until I hit 279, I won't believe really that I can "do it." 6 more pounds to go. For some reason I need to hit that mark, as my brain is telling me I've achieved nothing until I do.

If I stay the course, I can do that by May. God willing.

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