I'm holding. Still fluxing between 266 and 267ish. Not too bad. I guess maintaining for a bit isn't horrible, but still I'd be happy with another 10 pounds gone. Would like to see the other side of 250 before the end of the year. Seems easy enough, but whatever ball was rolling before seems to have slowed down a bit. Thank goodness I'm not rolling backwards, packing on the pounds. I can be grateful for that.

Balancing between trying to be thrifty and healthy is delicate. Cooking meals for growing boys, while being creative with the pantry doesn't always allow me the time to run back to SparkPeople and plug it in the recipe calculator. My best bet right now is to try my darndest to remember portion sizes and stick to them.

Dragging out the winter clothes reminded me of the changes in my body.

Meeting up with the girls for semi-monthly bookclub reminds me of the changes in my body. I get complimented every time, which reinforces the fact that I've lost weight. I forget, you know. I see it in my saggy skin and feel it in my clothes, but forget it in my mind because it is still my body.

Ten pounds would feel better. Ten pounds. Can I tackle that?


Moon Bug said...

Your doing great... slow but sure is good... I am not budging yet... I have been walking alot though...Great job..You are inspring... I can't wait to be at 266-267 .. So keep up the good work..

Nona said...

Yes you can!!! :) You've done a great job so far!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Bonita Gordita said...

Thanks guys. I'm trying. It hasn't been easy lately.