One Day At A Time

I feel a bit better because I stepped on the scale for weigh-in and it said 272. Whew. Sigh of relief, but in no way am I out of any danger zone yet.

I need to figure a way to keep exercise and eating healthy a priority, even with a busy schedule. My hours at my job have increased, leaving me less "me" time, which actually isn't good. But it IS good financially (another area of struggle). I need to learn to accommodate, adjust and be more flexible instead of always thinking on how I can change things. That would be more productive.

I managed a walk yesterday, but I don't think I managed to stay within my calorie range. Today I plan to journal everything (something that inevitably helps), and stay below my range.

Wish me luck. And good luck to you!!!


Nona said...

Good for you honey!!! Finding enough me time is always a challenge!!!

Nona said...

so where are you and how are you doing???

Anaelle said...

Hi there, I only recently started following your blog. And I just wanted to tell you to stay strong and follow your weighloss goal no matter what. Its great motivation to see other people persevere to achieve their goals and work hard.

Any way, my blog is and I just wanted to encourage you to keep going. I also gained weight this week and it sucks. I just have to try and restructure my plan.

Bonita Gordita said...

Nona, thanks for checking in on me. Doing good, back on track!!!

Anaelle, thanks for visiting - thanks for the the kind words. :)