Weigh In - 287

Lean Cuisine Indian-style Masala. I like it. As much as I don't like microwaving foods in plastic containers, I do it. It's a compromise.

One of my hangups with better eating is the time and brain power it takes to track my food and exercise, plan (so that I don't resort to what is the easiest, and often less healthy), plan meals, and basically just to feed myself appropriately. I do purchase pre-portioned, packaged meals to grab for times like these. It is very easy for me to fail simply because I don't want to think. Today is one of those days.

Weigh In: 287. No change. Stayed the same. I did well. I ate under my calories and exercised. But the weekend came and I was busy and from sundown on Saturday to Sunday evening I didn't pay much attention. I hate to think that in the span of 24 hours I completely undid all of the good work from earlier on in the week. I'm still a bit confused on that one.

It was frustrating to see the scale make no change. I feel OK. Maybe slightly better. I don't know. I feel like I've kept on track. That's about it.

I also feel like when I let myself go, it makes it harder to pull back in. Which is why the pre-packaged meal came in handy.

What I DO like, though, is that my habits are taking a better path. I have to look at that. And I'm not gaining. I'm not on my way up to 300, like I was so fearful I would be.

So, those are little non-scale victories, which is what I can cling to today. Twice in the past 7 days I've gotten up and exercised early in the morning. That's something I simply Do Not Do. That's cool.


That's the operative word for today. Just simply continue. Don't get frustrated, don't give up. Just keep going this week and don't worry about it.


SG said...

keep pluggin'...it's so hard to not get in the dumps when the scale doesnt budge. it will though!

Bonita Gordita said...

Thank you SG :)