Happy Halloween

I've told myself I can have a "cheat" day today.
It sounds all nice and wonderful on paper. Reality is different.

Cheat days, or allowing flexibility on a day (one day out of a long stretch of days) doesn't seem to show up so much on the scale. But it always seems to show up in my behaviors, my cravings.

I ate a modest breakfast.
I'm forcing myself to go for a long walk.
I'll allow myself some drinks and merriment later. I plan to splurge any sweet-eating on actual bakery goods (cookies or pie or cake) over candy. If I'm going to nibble something delectable I'd rather it be decent food than candy. At least that's how I feel now. We shall see.

I weighed myself today to remind myself of what my goals are. I was at 280. I don't want to make practice of mid-week weigh ins and rely on the scale too much because I know the scale can be a dastardly liar, and doesn't always reflect true progress. But today I'm looking at the number 289. I could maybe dip under that by the end of the week, God willing. We shall see. Most importantly right now for me is continuing to pay attention to what I'm eating, how I'm moving, and that I'm hydrating myself.

And getting my walk in today. In this cold, cold weather.

I'm stalling.

Wanna hang out and talk for a bit? Have some coffee?


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