Weigh In: 280.

I lost a pound.
I put a period after that because that's what's going on right now: my period.

Not good news on two fronts:
     It can inflate the weight
     It can distort the brain

I won't know if it has inflated my weight until next week. But, generally it does. I hate the fact that I've done well, sacrificed, and stayed within my range all week, only to hop on the scale and it barely moves. OK it moved. But not as much as I wanted it to. I was really hoping to get under 280.

Which leads into the brain distortion. Since I know that being on the period is not the best weigh-in time, I need to remind myself of that.

I ate well this week, I exercised, I was in a pretty good mood. I honestly can't think of anything negative about this week when I think of how I did. So I need to pull my brain away from feeling negative and pouty over a one-pound weight loss.

A pound is a pound, right? I could have stayed the same, and then what? My Wii scale even shot a bunch of flowers and stars and CONGRATULATED me for making my goal (which I didn't remember making - it actually told me to slow down).

Yet I sit here moping.

This week, I noticed my tummy feels smaller.
I've lost a good 8 pounds of sugar from my pouch this past month.
Where would I rather be? Where I was, or where I am now?


My NSV for the month of October: 
My clothes fit better. Even if I didn't have a scale, I would be able to tell that my clothes were not so uncomfortably tight. That was a horrible, horrible feeling. I'm not out of the woods on that, yet, but I'm in a much more comfortable place. I really like how it feels.

I also noticed that I have more energy. I'm not buzzing about looking for more and more to do, but I notice that I have a desire to get out and move. I have a feeling I am an active person trapped in a fat person's body. I wouldn't know any different, because I've always been trapped in this thick layer of fat. For years. For at least two decades.

My goal for the month of November:
     Get below 277 (it's on the sidebar in my "Goals" section).
     To continue on the path I'm on with eating and exercising - I'm doing well; focus and continue.


Lori said...

I know too well how it feels to set a reasonable goal and get very close. I've had to work hard not to tell myself that I failed. I didn't. I made progress. You did too. I'm glad you're counting those NSV's. They are often more important than the reading on the scale.

Bonita Gordita said...

Yes, they are, Lori. I'm so thankful for that this month!

Elenamary said...

I've a rule that I'm not allowed to weigh myself during my period or the two days before it.
Also, like you said it has an effect on the brain too. I become very negative about my own image. So, I have to do a lot of talking to myself "this will pass, you know this is just your period, you will think you look great once this is all over, stop being so hard on yourself" etc. i also allow my self to use some of my calories on chocolate during my period ;-)