I Made It Through The Weekend - 281

Well, I made it.

We had a wonderful time. It was nice to get away.

I can't say I threw all caution to the wind and ate what I wanted, but I can't say I suffered much in the food department, either. The first day I tried to keep track of what I was eating, but then realized it was fruitless, and I'd have to give it up. I also realized I'm married to the internet when it comes to tracking my food. Because I use SparkPeople, if I'm out the internet, I'm out my valuable tool. Sure I could track on paper if need be, but I wouldn't know my tally.

I didn't like that feeling. I'm going to chew on that a bit. I don't want my success in something to be based off of that. But, diabetics need to monitor their bloodsugar via a device, I may need to keep journaling and counting calories. I won't get hung up on it right now.

The good news is I remained stable over the weekend. Though it seems like I had a 1 pound loss, I really was 281 before the weekend.  So I maintained, even though I went over Friday and Saturday, but I enjoyed myself and didn't worry about my calories. I paid attention to what I was eating, though.

For example, we stopped off at a cheese factory. They had all kinds of cheese, some wine to taste, and ice cream. I saw the ice cream, wasn't really craving it, but wanted to try either the cinnamon or the pumpkin. I chose pumpkin. I didn't want to go to a two-scoop cone. I chose the traditional cone over the waffle (compromising all the way).

When I took my first lick, I was taken aback. The taste fell short. I licked some more, hoping my mouth would adjust favorably. I offered a taste to my husband. I told him to take a big bite so I could get to the cone. It never got better. I asked myself, Why are you eating a cone that you don't like?

I didn't want to waste the money?
I wanted something out of habit?

I threw it out the window. The price of a wasted cone, at that moment, was worth the few hundred calories I didn't consume. If I wasn't enjoying them - why eat them?

Usually when I give up sweets for any length of time, they don't taste as good to me when I have them. I still crave them and want the flavor on my tongue, but it's not the same. Maybe like giving up smoking. I don't know, I haven't tried again since I quit. But we had cake over the weekend, and a tiny sliver satisfied me. We picked up donuts, and I preferred to snack on my homemade granola instead.

I didn't make progress, but I didn't fall behind. I can settle on that. I made compromises and enjoyed myself. I took two long walks. Now, had it been a week-long trip, I don't know. But a couple days I managed. I immediately got back on track on Sunday.

This week I see Halloween as a day I might splurge, so I need to remind myself to be good and careful the rest of the days.

Happy Monday - have a fantastic week!


Lori said...

Good for you. I probably would have eaten the whole cone anyway. I really struggle with 'wasting money' like that. I know it is silly but it is where my head is right now. I'm glad you were able to overcome.

Bonita Gordita said...

Each day is different. That day my calorie intake won over my frugalness. But I TOTALLY can relate.