Weigh In: 277

I'm happy about my weigh in.

A combination of being the week after my period and pretty good eating rendered some results on the scale. I feel good. My clothes fit better.


Been here, done that. This is nothing new.

It doesn't always keep.

There's no saying I won't go back up.

Just as one good day, leading to another day, leading to another good day can make everything roses - one bad day will lead to a bad day, will lead to lead butt on the scale again.

I have done well with tracking my food. Last week I didn't exercise at all. It didn't seem to make a difference on the scale, but I want to note that it might have made a difference in my head.

Eat, move, feel better.

Eat, don't move... feel a little worse?


At any rate, my hurdles this week are a bit higher. I had family in town, which presented a lot of opportunities to over eat, and to have meals that were near to impossible to accurately track in my calorie-counter. I had three of those meals this week already. I chose a reuben sandwich, chicken panini, and turkey provolone panini. I had some fries. I skipped some chips. I drank non-calorie drinks. I didn't have dessert. I stayed on track the rest of the day.

I tried.

I might not lose weight this week.

I've had a few things I shouldn't have (mini snickers bar, mini baby ruth, mini heath bars). Mainly, I've had SUGAR. Sugar makes me crave more sugar.

I've been under stress. I don't feel the need to identify it. We all have stress. But it is out of the norm stress which oftentimes ends up in an overcompensation of food in my mouth.

Today I'm allowing myself a little lenience. Not a ton, but a little bit. 
Tomorrow I have to get on track and face forward. 
I have to prepare for Thanksgiving and do very well over the next week.

I haven't given up hope. I've just lost some steam from the first "sprint" of my journey.


Lori said...

I know the fear you describe too well. Here we are facing the worst eating season of the year. I hope we both can hang on and lose some weight.

Bonita Gordita said...

Here's to it, Lori!!
I'm worried about the holidays, too. Nervous. :/