EA Sports Challenge Day 2

Yesterday I wrote about my first experience with EA Sports Active. Today was my second.

I don't know what I was thinking, really. After working out yesterday I showered (but didn't wash my hair), and went out for dinner with a friend. I think that was part of my motivator in working out - dinner. I enjoy socializing, but I don't enjoy the setbacks it can bring on. I have improved my eating habits. - But I haven't gone 100%

Example: Ordered turkey burger (I actually like them) and fries. Got the mayo on the side. Removed top bun, dipped fries in may and put thin layer on sandwich. No dessert. Had a beer.

Normally, I would have eating it all, nothing on the side, and had the beer... and maybe dessert.

Example: Ordered ruben sandwich, skipped the fries, gave my husband 1/4 of the sandwich, split a dessert (ate about 1/3 of it), drank coffee.

Normally, I would have ordered all, ate all.

Compromise. Heading in a better direction. I can live with those compromises. I don't feel cheated, I still feel like I splurged. I still journal everything I ate. But knowing that I went out Monday, Tuesday, and have a girl's night on Friday - I can't skip exercise. I need to be diligent every other day of the week, AND put in some exercise time. Because I fear stepping on that scale next Monday.

I could feel my workout from yesterday. It felt good. Muscles that have been asleep were alive. Achey.

I woke up, not exactly early - but I could have slept later. I sat in the recliner, stared into space, felt my body, the achey muscles. And decided I was going to do another workout, even though I HATE that freaking legstrap, and I HATE working out, and I HATE working out with the Wii.

I used the extra strip of velcro (designed to make the legstrap tighter for the little people), and rigged it to be bigger for us horse people. It worked. Never slipped off. Stayed put.

I did my Day 2 workout. I sweated, I lunged, I did every stupid exercise it told me to. On a scale of 1 - 10 I felt I did about a 7. I wasn't dying, but I wasn't drenched like the P90 knock-off we have. I felt good. Better than a walk. I like the incorporation of arms and punches, runs.

It took up time (I was hoping to be out of the house shopping right now), but as someone said, THIS IS MY JOB. My body, my health, is my job. I've never put taking care of myself first. I'm trying to at least put ME up to the front a bit more.

I need to get in one more day of exercise this week, and that shouldn't be a problem. I know I was saying that I wasn't going to exercise just yet - but I hear my body craving it. I also hear my body being more hungry when I exercise, so that kind of sucks in it's own way.


Lori said...

I like the way you are incorporating good habits in to your everyday life. You aren't letting a diet rule you. You will get better results in the long run that way. Those habits are more sustainable.

Bonita Gordita said...

Thank you Lori!