I Am Dying

So about a week ago I went and purchased EA Sports Active. The first time I went to try it I realized that our nun chuck was killed and we needed another one. No biggie, I thought I could wait. Patience.

A few days later I bought a nun chuck. Still didn't try it. Not much time at home alone lately to make a sweaty fool of myself.

Until today. My kids all went off to their sports practice, and I forced myself to open the nun chuck and get down to business.

Now, you can go to Amazon and read reviews, or use google or whatever - I'm not giving you all that. I'm just telling you that, though right now I'm in hate with this Sports Active thing, I do happen to feel like I'm dying. AKA I had a decent workout. I can't complain that it didn't work me (I'm doing the 30-day challenge), and I did the "low impact" version to start.

What I will complain about, however, is the leg strap:

See that thing that fits around her tiny upper thigh? Well try hooking that bad boy up to a tree trunk, and you have a problem. Even on a skinny thigh, I'm not sure how people keep it from slipping down while they are running?!

I put it in my pocket, and that almost resulted in murder. Me doing lunges, it not registering, and the dude telling me to step it up. I was cursing at my television. Something I don't do often. I finally managed to cut off all blood supply to my leg and strapped on above my knee, but it kept slipping off. I was sweating, smelling, glasses falling off my face, and the leg strap slipping sent me into near uncontrolled rage.

I finished, though. And I don't think I do well with these "game" workouts. This is my third one and I've wanted to kill all of them, really.

I'm going to try to see it through because I tend to make excuses when the going gets tough. Fault of mine. Besides, like I said, I did get a decent workout, anger and all, and I HAVE to break this 270 barrier. 

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Lori said...

I tried P90X and wound up with a month of physical therapy trying to recover!