I Need A New Scale

I knew it was coming at some point. I just don't want to have to make the decision.

I need a new scale.

I use my Wii scale. That's all I use. I used to use a shipping scale that I purchased for my business, but that started to get quirky and I abandoned it years ago. It was me and The Wii.

Recently I've had problems with that scale. It has little feet on the bottom that hold it steady, and it keeps losing one. I've looked for two weeks and can't find it. I don't like to have to rely on that thing. I like that it has graphs and tracks your weight, but I don't like that I can't just jump on the scale, take my weight and be on with it. It's a huge production to hook it up in the middle of my living room.

This week I took my weight and it was 268 (up a pound). I very well could be up a pound, but with one of the feet gone on my scale, and it standing lopsided, it's annoying to me. If it said I was down a pound, I'd feel the same way.

That may be a goal for me today. But I just don't know what to get, and I don't want to make some huge ordeal over it.

I don't like making decisions.


Betty Taylor said...

I hate buying scales. My scale is off three pounds, but I just deal add three pounds on every time I weigh. I can get on it one minute and it says one thing and get on it again and it will be a pound different. I hate scales.



Bonita Gordita said...

There is almost always a difference on scales, too, so you kind of start from "scratch" again.

I haven't purchased one yet...