Exercise Making Me Tired?

Is it possible that exercise makes you tired?
And hungry?

I found an article the other day (I'll have to dig up the link again) that spoke to exercising and hunger, and why some people don't lose because they are ravished, eat more, and stay the same weight.

I know people say that they have more energy when they workout. Maybe they mean stamina? Or do they truly mean energy? I would say I might have more stamina... but not energy. Maybe it's something that will come with time. I find I'm tired, my body is sore, and I'm way more hungry.

But my body craves the movement. I can tell.

Yesterday I was busy cooking dinner, and more than anything would have liked to get down to watching something on Netflix, but I had a strong urge to get going for a nighttime walk with my dog. So I set off, taking the hill straight off, and logged about 43 minutes of walking. I didn't get the distance I get on the treadmill, but then I was wearing boots and avoiding ice at times. But I was at a decent clip and was sweating when I got home.

The air felt... so good. The night breeze, just getting out felt good.

But it was a "rest" day.

Now today I'm supposed to hit the gym after work and I'm still beat.

I'm not a die-hard gym person, and I do enjoy walks, hikes, and biking outdoors.

So I'm contemplating today switching to the bike instead of the treadmill. Just to switch it up a bit, to give different muscles some work, and to give my walking muscles a break. We shall see.

I will still hit the circuit after (works arms and a bit of legs). I don't like to have to lug a separate bag to work and everything, but I could find a million excuses not to go.

I don't have an gym bag - something I'd like. I'm saving that for a month's worth of going consistently  and the hope of getting under 260 at some point in the next decade. I'm not sure what will come first.

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Lori said...

You need to do what you enjoy for your actvity or it will be too hard to sustain. If walking/hiking are your thing then do it and don't beat yourself up over not loving the treadmill.