I Really DO Need A New Scale

I know I've said before that I weight myself on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'd really like to just do official Wednesday Weigh-ins, but haven't brought myself to that yet. I like Wednesday because it is away from the weekend. But Monday is so engrained in me that I can't sway from it yet.

So Monday I weigh in and I'm 267, right?

Then today I weigh in and I'm 264.

This is all on that wretched, wretched Wii that's missing a castor.

Now, I've been using it castor-less for a good month, so who knows.

I need to buy a scale. I'm going to the store in a bit. I'll check for one, though I really hate scales, which is why I think it has taken me so long to just bite the bullet and do it.

I'm going to try not to worry too much about what that scale says, but it scares me a bit.

If it is off, it is off. I just hope it's not too much off.

Either way, I can look at my last year's doctor visit and see that I was 291 pounds there. I'll take where I am today and rejoice in it and try not to get too terribly caught up in the details.

If my weight barrier is broken, that's great. I would attribut it to NOT over-working myself, trying to get some sleep, and upping my fruit and veggie intake, as well as my movement during the day. I want to make sure I note that, if the case turns out to be that I actually am losing some weight, or have broken past this horrific wall I've been facing.

I haven't gone to the gym in a week. I've avoided it. But I haven't avoided exercise. I did my Walk Away the Pounds (1-mile) with my 3# weights. Not a big deal, but not nothing. I went for a walk. Twice. I shoveled snow. I did an online low-intensity workout. I'm moving. I'm working muscles. I'm just not doing it at the gym. I figure if I get it done, I get it done.

I'm also intentionally moving around during the day, reminding myself to get up during work. I'm trying. I am. And I went out and bought a bunch of fruit to eat. I notice my fruit/veggie quota isn't being met as it should be.

Additionally, I picked up a glucose monitor to check my blood sugars. It's more from my insisting than from my doctor's, though it amazes me that when I pushed for it, it seemed like a great idea. What is the medical world coming to? Really? Not everyone advocates for themselves. I mean, who demands glucose meters?

I got one and so far nothing too shocking. Last night after my wine it was 87 (or 84, I don't remember). My concern is hypoglycemia and the fact that I get shaky, sweaty, etc. at times. Now that I'm more comfortable with the meter, I'm going to journal it a bit. It will take more of my time, but so would diabetes or other health concerns. I just have to do it. This way I'll have something to present to my doctor, or whomever, about what's going on with me health-wise. Just to say "I'm shaky, clammy, and don't feel good," without having numbers to support it isn't working. I'm curious myself, I must admit.

They told me I'm on the higher end of normal and not pre-diabetic. But then in my visit summary notes it says, "Pre-Diabetic." It makes no sense whatsoever.

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