Weigh In Postponed

First things first: I bought a scale.

It is the Health O Meter BFM145. It wasn't a huge decision-making process like I thought it would be. I needed a scale, I was going to Walmart, I did a little investigating online. When I got there, I looked at the dozen scales they offered and I settled on this one.

I didn't use the bells and whistles it comes with (weight tracking, body fat, body hydration). I just wanted a scale.

Surprisingly, my weight was 266 when I stepped on (in bra and underwear). That was one the same as the Wii. Relief.

That was last week. That was BP (Before Period). Right now my scale says 269/270 and I refuse to accept that. Sorry. So I'll weigh in again on Wednesday and hope that the bloat that found me is gone.

I'm frustrated, but not deterred. I've been doing OK, I've been getting exercising in. I'm going to try not to think on it too much and end up spiraling.


Lori said...

I'm glad you finally got the scale and that is wasn't nearly the issue you thought it would be.

I'm holding a good thought for your next weigh in.

Bonita Gordita said...

Thank you Lori! It is so nice having a scale. I forgot how easy it was to hop on one without turning on the TV. ;)