Treadmill Workout - 45 Minutes

I don't know why I did it. Honestly, I don't.
I was still dying from the previous day, and bitter over my weight stall.

But I went. I packed up my shoes and my ipod, and told myself to just do the treadmill.

I worry I'm overdoing it. Then I think that is just an excuse.

Working out more days than not, eating right more days than not - is a key to life-long health. Today, tomorrow, next year, five years from now... that won't change. Why feed my head with thoughts that today is different?

I went to the gym, unloaded my anger, bitterness and hatred for working out, put on my shoes, filled my water bottle, stepped on a treadmill - didn't have the right feel for me. Stepped off to the next one. Good.

Set my pace and went at it.

I wanted to sweat, I wanted to feel like I had a workout. I wanted to run, but I'm pacing myself. Pace, pace.

Here's (about) what I did.

For me, it was a decent workout. I was sweaty, I got my heart rate up over 150, I wanted to quit. 

After I was done, I got off and went to get the spray to wipe off the machine, and still had that floaty feeling that treadmills give you, like I'm walking and now I'm moving - before I wasn't.

I went and did one stretch, and decided to finish at home. I just wanted to leave. There's nothing relaxing (to me) about stretching in a tiny area filled with other sweaty people. My germaphobic nature starts to go into overdrive. Maybe I'll get over it. I don't know.

So I came home, did some stretches, made some oatmeal, and came to post this before I forget what I even did on that treadmill. 

This is what it said at the end, although the calories might be off because I didn't punch in my weight until about 10 minutes in. And I was walking when I took the picture. 

This was during my cooldown. 2.26 miles, 340 calories. I don't know what that 4 is, but it was about 48 minutes in. This helps me remember a bit what went on. I need to somehow figure out how to keep better track, but that will come in time. I hope.

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Lori said...

Good for you for powering through the mental battle and doing what you know to be right.