Holding At 261

Yesterday I almost came and wrote a whiny I'm-not-losing-post. In fact, it was going to be about gaining.

I saw my weight bumping up, getting as high as 263 as of yesterday. I was very discouraged.

I've been re-informing myself on low-carb eating, and on lowcarb/highfat (LCHF) eating as well. I've been following a semi low carb higher fat diet for a week now, and was afraid of weight gain.

It is similar to regular low-carb, but it balances it out with a higher percentage of fat, and less carbs than say a South Beach Diet.

The only thing I've gone kind of wild on is having 1oz. of heavy cream in my tea over the past couple weeks. I've cut caffeine, and haven't had any, but replaced it with this habit. The most I have is three cups, but generally have two.

It feels very indulgent, and I'm surely going to have to give it up at some point. But for now, I enjoy it.

I haven't gone too hog wild otherwise. I don't add butter to my cheese, but I'm not as worried about frying my mushrooms in a pat of butter, either.

We will see how it goes. One thing I notice - my blood sugars/hypoglycemia-ish events are pretty much GONE.

I'm not as hungry. I still crave foods, and feel like eating when I shouldn't be - but that's part of my problem on the whole. I've been able to go without eating for hours and feeling fine - something I haven't done in a while. It is interesting.

Today I had my breakfast (2 egg omelette with mushrooms and swiss, and 3 strawberries, tea and cream). Normally it would have been 1 egg, 1 piece of toast and butter with coffee. I went to an appointment and ran some errands, not eating at all. I had the urge to stop and grab a snack, but realized I wasn't hungry or shaky - so why bother?

That. Doesn't. Happen. For. Me.

I always need snacks. I always get clammy and shaky.

For me this type of eating seems to be working. Satiating, satisfying, and has less of an impact on my body than concentrating on fat and calories. I still count my calories, but fats (which I never thought were evil) are not as evil as they were. One good thing about it is my more liberal use of olive oil, which I think is an extremely healthy part of a diet.

I'll admit I wanted to throw in the towel yesterday, but I was back at 261 today. For now. I will continue with it since I truly feel better. I will have my cholesterol checked, though, if possible.

I do want to lose weight, so I need to figure out how to do that, since I didn't this past week. I need to lose weight, and that is just as important as feeling better. Hopefully I do by my next weigh in.

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Lori said...

We all have to find what works for us. I hope you have found what works for you. If it works to have cream in your tea, and it makes you feel indulgent, go for it. There is no reason to stop if it only SEEMS like you shouldn't.