Weigh In 261

Well, wow.

I weighed myself today and came in at 261.0 on the nose.


I'm seriously 2 pounds from being on the other side of the 200s? That is craziness!!!

I weighed myself twice to double-check. See, I weighed in before the weekend (again) and it was 262. I was hoping to be able to hold that number, since we had a dinner party to go to, and other social events.

Here I come back this morning, hopeful, but not convinced, and I lose a pound. It makes me feel like something is wrong. Haha.

With my new scale I weigh in in bra and underwear, which is nice. I don't have that privacy in my livingroom where my Wii is. So I put on my tank and pajama bottoms (.6 pound difference) and came out and weighed in on the Wii and did a differential of 0. It weighed me in at 259 and celebrated me making my goal.

I'm not ready to celebrate yet, but I'm feeling good - better - about things.

My only (it's more major than an only, really) change is watching carbs. Cutting out the breads, sweets, pastas and rice. I know some people are squeemish about low-carb, but many people have had success. It's worked for me in the past. This time, I'm working it along with my calorie counting. Calorie counting worked to get me here, but I was having a ridiculously hard time getting beyond that.

It scares me to go on any kind of "diet" because whatever way you get there, you have to maintain. Can I maintain this way of eating? I may have to, especially if it gives me results. Apparently my body needed me to change something.

My usual breakfasts were an egg, piece of toast with butter. Now they are an egg (or two), often some protein, and always some sort of veggie.

(Two eggs, leftover steak, red peppers)

(Egg and cheese omelette, kale)

Last night we had spaghetti and chops. I had the chops and a little sauce over kale. I really didn't miss the spaghetti so much, and I definitely need to up my vegetable consumption anyway, and cut down on alcohol and sweets.

I'm doing what I can and, right now, thinking of today and not worrying as much about later. The fact that I'm losing weight is very exciting to me. It's been a while of stalling. I wonder if that burst of Metformin did it for me, or if it is the change in eating. I'm still a little concerned about going on that pill next month, but I will have a chance to talk to my doctor again, so I'll put it out of my head right now.

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Lori said...

Do whatever works for as long as it works.