In addition to the low carb, I haven't really be exercising too much. Walks, about 3x per week, but not going back to the gym... not yet. I've taken off the past month.

In a way I'm glad I did, because I focused a bit more on eating and being in tune with my body.

I had two doctor visits last week, and though I dreaded both, I am glad I went. My regular doctor talked to me about some of my difficulties losing weight (and m intolerance of Metformin). She talked about my body regulating itself, which makes sense. I'm not pregnant and sustaining another human being, but my body is readjusting from pumping blood and sustaining a 290 pound person, versus a 260 pound person.

I also had my yearly woman's visit with my nurse practitioner (who always takes the time to talk with you), and we talked about how exercising makes me tired, and she explained to me why that is. How normally a person's glucose gets shoved into their muscles by insulin, but for some people, it doesn't - the insulin is off whack (like in PCOS). So I eat a power bar before working out the the glucose goes into my body, but instead of hitting my muscles like good glucose should, it runs around in my body like a headless chicken looking for its friend insulin to help - and its friend is misbehaving.

So my muscles aren't running on good energy, and I'm zapped after working out.

There is a lot in PCOS/diabetes/metabolic system that is not understood, but this is the path of thinking that goes along with it. She apologized for talking to me as if I were a child, and I thanked her for doing it. I really couldn't get a mental image of this stuff until that day.

She also broke it to me that WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT, and what works for one person (especially if  they don't have PCOS or similar issues), won't always work for the next person. There isn't any changing of that.

Right now my focus is on feeling well and eating well. Walking fits into that. Butt-busting gym workouts don't yet. Last time they ended up discouraging me. However, I think that I can fit some toning in now. Toning is healthy, too. For me, though, it will be hard to go to the gym and not feel like I need to work up a sweat on the treadmill. But, all in good time. I know myself, and I know that my body can handles changes in eating, my body can handle (somewhat) working out - but if I put those two together too quickly - my body revolts.


Lori said...

I'm glad you are finding out what does work for you and what does not. It is a frustrating experience but trial and error seems to be the only way we have right now to figure it out.

I'm glad you had two positive experiences with your doctor.

Bonita Gordita said...

Thank you Lori!