I've stepped on the scale before and it said 256, but not on a weigh-in day.

I've lost EIGHTY POUNDS. One of my kids weighs 88 pounds. I've finally lost some of my baby weight - har har, har, har, har.

I didn't expect it today. OK, I kinda did. But we were away for the weekend with friends, and that's always a gamble.

Although, in retrospect, I didn't go on a bender, or do anything I shouldn't have. I stuck to the plan.

I drank almost an entire bottle of wine. That would have been a downfall.
And... a martini.
We ate out.
We were busy.
I didn't track my calories.

But other than all that, I planned well, ate well.

There were plenty of goodies I could have eaten, but I skipped them. I had strawberries, egg muffins, cheese muffins, pistachios, my tea... it worked out. And strangely, I didn't care about the food so much. Being able to open my suitcase and grab clothes that felt good on my body was way over the top hands down a better feeling than stuffing a sweet, gooey cupcake in my mouth.

The way I felt in my clothes lasted all day and into the night, and a cupcake doesn't last that long. An orgasm doesn't even last that long. 


Lori said...

Your last sentence really made me chuckle.

Congratulations on the 80 lb loss. That is phenomenal!

sara said...

aweeeeeeesome! congrats on 80; that's so inspiring. Our starting weights are not too far apart (someday I'll be brave and post)and I love hearing how amazing the 250s feel. have a great week!

Bonita Gordita said...

Lori, thank you. It's good to see it written out like that. Reality check for me!

Sara, thank you! I feel like I'm opening a gift each day.