My Weight Loss Plan And Goals

Goals change.

I've been satisfied at 295, 277, 260. I've told myself many times that staying where I was would be better than where I came from (in the 300+ zone). Many, many times. I believe that right now. My quality of life is better at 257 than it was at 297, as it should be.

I thought I would make a wild Facebook post when I hit below 260, but I didn't. Maybe later. I don't feel done yet. I am extremely thankful for the way my body is losing weight; I really wasn't sure it could be done. The carb-cutting seems to be what it needs. Eating the same amount of calories before wasn't rendering any weight loss. For now, at least, it is.

For the record, here is my sort of "plan" right now:

Walking at least 3x per week - 20+ minutes. No gym requirement, or goals right now. I'd like to save that for when I hit 100 pounds lost.

Food (Low Carb High Fat):
Carbs (about) 30 - 75 grams
Protein (about) > 90 grams
Fats (about) 150

I used this calculator to come out with the percentages, but also seem to naturally fall that way with my eating right now. I eat no breads, grains, wheat. No sugar, or very little. Lots of veggies (low glycemic ones), meats, eggs, some nuts, etc. Occasionally wine or a cocktail, but not the sugary ones. No beer.

I know that it isn't realistic to eat exactly like this forever. I do think the idea behind it is solvent, though, and could work for me in the long run. I also know that I have a lot more weight to lose than the average bear, so I'm willing to stick to what I'm doing right now (rather than adding more carbs in) for a while until I loosen up the reigns a bit on myself. I don't feel ill, hypoglycemic, tired, or deprived. I feel like I'm eating healthily. My brain doesn't feel as foggy. This is all good.

I'd really like to hover under 200 pounds, as an end goal. I'd like to be able to work out moderately, eat moderately, and maintain by eating a semi Phase II South Beach Diet. I think that being around 180ish would allow me to do that. I think. I don't know. Hopefully I'm blessed enough to find out! I know that 130 is what the BMI calculator tells me as a good, healthy weight for me - but I don't know that it is realistic. I can't see it as that way now, but who knows. Like I said, I'm in a honeymoon state with the fact that I'm losing weight.

I'm also terribly frightened. I'm already scared to gain it back.
I'm scared to stay where I am (weight-wise).
I'm scared of who I might be underneath all this fat.

Lots to be scared of.

Also lots to enjoy:

I'm a flexible person. Stretching feels good. You wouldn't know it with all the fat I have covering me, though. Just this recent loss of 40 pounds reminds me of my flexibility. I'm remembering more and more. It's truly great. I am more flexible.

I noticed - since I hit this kind of "below 260" area - that I have a bit more energy. I'm not so reluctant to get up and get something I need, making excuses in my head. More energy would be GREAT. If I feel this now, I can't imagine what another 30 pounds less might feel like.

I'm worrying less about saggy skin and more about how I feel.


Lori said...

It sounds like a very doable plan for you. When/if the time comes to change it, you will know. Do whatever works for you for as long as it works for you.

George Chambers said...

You have the right to be scared, because losing weight is really not an easy challenge. But in my opinion, once you get used to it, everything else will follow and your fears will vanish. Anyway, this is a great weight loss plan for 2013, it's quite straightforward and healthy for you. So are you sticking to the same thing this 2014, or do you have something else in mind?

George @